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Interested parties should not rely on this website as a complete or updated source of disclosure information about Mark Kantor. Mr. Kantor does not maintain a current or complete list of engagements, publications, memberships or associations on this website. Mr. Kantor is a member of or teaches at a number of organizations. He also attends numerous conferences and events related to inter alia arbitration and litigation, international business transactions, international law and commercial, investment, project finance and finance law. Mr. Kantor does not maintain records of fellow members, speakers, sponsors, faculty, students, participants, committee members, employees or attendees of such organizations or events, as that is not by itself a “known … relationship which might reasonably affect impartiality or independence in the eyes of any of the parties.” Canon II, Code of Ethics for Arbitrators in Commercial Disputes, American Bar Association and American Arbitration Association (2004). Mr. Kantor requests any party in an arbitration for which he is proposed as an arbitrator to promptly disclose any facts or circumstances leading that party to question his impartiality or independence as soon as that information is reasonably available to the party and, for that purpose, to undertake a reasonable search of publicly available information promptly after learning of Mr. Kantor’s prospective appointment as arbitrator.


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