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Participant, 19th Annual Institute for Transnational Arbitration Workshop, “Damages in International Arbitration: Strategies, Techniques & Presentation” (Dallas, June 2008).

Speaker, “Pitfalls and Disputes in Multi-Jurisdictional M&A Transactions,” Annual Symposium, International Mergers and Acquisitions of the Center for American and International Law, Institute for Comparative and International Law (Dallas, June 2008).

Moderator, “Energy Charter Treaty Arbitrations Against Sovereign States: Hot Topics and Recent Developments,” ABA Section of International Law 2008 Spring Meeting (New York, April 2008).

Moderator, DC Bar Program on Career Opportunities for Young Lawyers in International Arbitration (DC, April 2008 and October 2006)

Panelist, “Do Municipal Investment Laws Always Constitute a Unilateral Offer to Arbitrate?” Second Annual Investment Treaty Conference (DC, April 2008).

Panelist, “The social and environmental dimensions of international investment agreements: The labour and environmental provisions of recent US FTAs,” VIIth OECD Global Forum on International Investment (Paris, March 2008).

Speaker, “Disclosure by Arbitrators,” Association of the Bar of the City of New York CLE Program, “Commercial Arbitration: Recent Developmetns, Emerging Trends and Future Issues” (New York, March 2008).

Moderator, “Focus Area: Asia Pacific,” AAA/ICDR International ADR Reporting Program (DC, November 2007).

Speaker, “Valuation and Damages, “ George Washington University School of Law Symposium, “Is There a New Common Law of Investment Arbitration?” (DC, October 2007).

Faculty Member, International Law Institute: Foreign Investment Agreements and Investor-State Dispute Settlement (DC, June 2007)

Panelist, “Fair, Equitable and Ambiguous: What is Fair and Equitable Treatment in International Investment Law?” ABA International Law Section Spring Meeting (DC, May 2007)

Faculty Member, International Law Institute: Arbitration and Mediation (DC, April 2007)

Moderator, “Developments in Telecommunications Arbitration,“ AAA/ICDR Conference on International Commercial Arbitration in Latin America (DC, November 2006)

Panelist, "ICC Pre-Arbitral Referee Procedure," ICC International Commercial Dispute Resolution: Understanding the ICC System (Charleston, SC, March 2006)

Panelist, "Legitimate Expectations and Fair and Equitable Treatment in Investment Disputes: A Discussion of Recent Jurisprudence," Georgetown University Law Center (DC, March 2006)

Panelist, "Fair and Equitable Treatment - Contrasts with the Due Process Clause of the U.S. Constitution," Harvard Law School Conference on International Investment Law at a Crossroads (Cambridge, March 2006)

Discussant, 2nd General Counsels’ Roundtable hosted by the Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects (CRGP) at Stanford University (Palo Alto, February 2006)

Concluding Remarks, AAA/ICDR Conference on International Commercial Arbitration in Latin America (DC, November 2005)

Panelist, "US-EU Dialogue on the Regulatory Expropriation of International Investment: A Story of Conflict or Convergence?", ABA International Law Section Meeting (Brussels, October 2005)

Moderator, Panel on "International Arbitrators: Civil Servants? Sub Rosa Advocates? Men of Affairs?" , 2005 International Law Weekend (New York, October 2005)

Panelist, Dispute Resolution Clauses, ICC/Canadian Bar Association Program on International Commercial Arbitration: Natural Resources, Environment and Technology Disputes (Vancouver, June 2005)

Moderator, Program on Arbitrator Conflicts of Interest (DC Bar Program, December 2004)

Moderator, Panel on Appellate Mechanism for Investor-State Arbitration, International Law Weekend (NYC, October 2004)

Panelist, Implications of a Pakistan-U.S. Bilateral Investment Treaty, American Bar Association/New York State Bar Association (London, October 2004)

Panelist, Panel on “Fork-in-the-Road” Provisions in BIT Arbitration, British Institute for International and Comparative Law (London, September 2004)

Speaker, "Challenging ICSID Arbitration Awards," Salzburg Conference on International Commercial Arbitration and ADR (Salzburg, June 2004)

Moderator, DC Bar Conference: “Why Your Arbitration Agreement Matters: Anticipating Disputes in International Transactions” (DC, May 2004)

Panelist, "Bilateral Investment Treaties: Issues and Developments," Washington International Arbitration Conference (DC, May 2004)

Faculty Member, International Law Institute: Public Enterprise Restructuring and Privatization Seminar (DC, April 2004)

Faculty Member, International Law Institute: Arbitration Program for West African Officials (DC, December 2003)

Faculty Member, International Law Institute: International Arbitration and Mediation (DC, June 2003)

Panelist, DC Bar Conference: "Hot Topics in International Dispute Resolution" (DC, May 2003)

Panelist, "Developments in Project Finance: Limits to Arbitration," IBA Fourth Biennial Conference on Project Finance (DC, April 2003)

Moderator, Panel on Asset Freezes and Asset Forfeitures, Symposium on Financial Aspects of Anti-Terrorist Efforts, Georgetown University Law Center (DC, December 2002)

Course Director, International Law Institute: “Private Finance of Infrastructure” (DC, May 2002)

Faculty Member, International Law Institute: “Post-Privatization Challenges” (DC, July 2001)

Course Director, International Law Institute: “Private Finance of Infrastructure” (DC, May 2001)

Faculty Member, International Law Institute: “Public Enterprise Restructuring and Privatization” (DC, April 2001)

Panel Member, International Law Weekend 2000, “The Role of Interest Groups in Investment Transactions Involving Multilateral or Bilateral Financial Institutions” (NYC, October 2000)

Faculty Member, International Law Institute: “International Insolvencies: Workouts and Reschedulings” (DC, July 2000)

Course Director (with Robert Shanks), International Law Institute: “Private Finance of Infrastructure” (DC, June 2000)

Panelist, First Annual Indian American Bar Association Conference, ”Investment in India” (DC, May 2000)

Faculty Member, International Law Institute: “Negotiations: International Procurement” (DC, March 2000).

Panelist, University of Michigan School of Public Policy, "The Asian Financial Crisis Hits Home" (Ann Arbor, October 1999)

Faculty Member, International Law Institute: "Financial Risk Identification and Management: Infrastructure Finance: Build-Own-Operate (B.O.O.) and Build-Operate-Transfer (B.O.T.)" (DC, May 1999)

Speaker, Electric Power Supply Association, "Actions Government Agencies, Export Development Agencies & Export Credit Agencies Can Take to Assist U.S. Power Producers Having Problems in Emerging Market Countries," Washington, D.C. (DC, April 1999)

Panelist, U.N. Development Programme, Attracting Capital to Africa Summit, "Financial Sector Reform and the Role of Asset Management Companies" (Houston, April 1999)

Speaker, Georgetown University Southeast Asia Forum, "Indonesia At The Crossroads: Difficulties in Financial Restructuring" (DC, April 1999)

Speaker, Inter-American Development Bank, "Toll Roads Seminar" (DC, February 1999)

Speaker, "Brazil: Assessing the Impact" (NYC, February 1999)

Conference Chairman, "Project Finance for Oil, Gas & Energy" (Houston, December 1998)

Speaker, “The Third Annual Turkish Power Industry Forum” (Istanbul, May 1998)

Conference Chairman, “Restructuring Asian Projects" (HK, April 1998)

Speaker, “China Telecom 2000” (DC, April 1998)

Faculty Member, International Law Institute: “Negotiating And Structuring B.O.O. and B.O.T. Projects” (DC, April 1998)

Conference Chairman, “Project Finance for Oil & Gas in the Emerging Markets” (Houston, December 1997)

Speaker, Valuing Mexico’s Wireless Spectrum: “Arranging Partnerships--Key Considerations for Establishing a Local Presence” (Mexico City, September 1997)

Faculty Member, International Law Institute: “Negotiating And Structuring B.O.O. and B.O.T. Projects” (DC, March 1997)

Speaker, Strategic Alliances in Upstream Oil & Gas: “Addressing the Legal Issues in Upstream Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances” (Houston, February 1997)

Speaker, Project Finance for Oil & Gas in the Emerging Markets: “Assessing Project Feasibility by Measuring Risk and Financing Options” (Houston, October 1996)

Moderator, Roundtable on Opening Transmission and Distribution for Private Investment, co-sponsored by the World Bank and the International Private Energy Association (DC, October 1996)

Speaker, "Successfully Developing Private Power Projects in Turkey" (DC, June 1996)

Speaker, Project Finance for Oil & Gas in the Emerging Markets: “Financing Structures Involving Multilateral Development Institutions, Commercial Banks, Export Credit Agencies and Capital Market Offerings: Can It Get More Complex?” (NYC, May 1996) Panelist, ABA Section of Public Utility, Communications and Transportation Law: “The Legal/Regulatory Aspects of International Investments and Operations: Dealing with Political Risks” (DC, April 1996)

Panelist, "Telecommunications: Mechanics of Trade Finance" (DC, April 1996)

Moderator, IFC/World Bank Roundtable on Policy Aspects of Promoting and Implementing Foreign Direct Investment in Infrastructure in Southern and Eastern Africa (Entebbe, March 1996)

Speaker, Conference on Project Finance for Oil and Gas in the Emerging Markets (Houston, October 1995)

Speaker, Brookings Institution Conference for Ukrainian Local Government Officials on Law and Finance (DC, October 1995)

Conference Chairman, Conference on Emerging Markets Power Project Finance (DC, September 1995)

Speaker, China Telecom ‘95 (Arlington, August 1995)

Panel Chairman, Third Annual Joint Conference of The American Society of International Law and The Netherlands Society of International Law, "International Financial Institutions and Export Credit Agencies" (The Hague, July 1995)

Panelist, CoalTrans Asia (Bali, June 1995)

Panelist, World Bank Roundtable on Power Projects in Emerging Markets (DC, November 1994)

Panelist, Conference on Telecommunications and China (DC, November 1994)

Conference Chairman, IPEA Roundtable on Project Finance and Official Credit Agencies (DC, July 1994)

Panelist, Conference on Telecommunications and the Asian Development Bank (DC, March 1994)

Panelist, Conference on Joint Ventures and Direct Investment Opportunities in the New India (DC, December 1993)



Interested parties should not rely on this website as a complete or updated source of disclosure information about Mark Kantor. Mr. Kantor does not maintain a current or complete list of engagements, publications, memberships or associations on this website. Mr. Kantor is a member of or teaches at a number of organizations. He also attends numerous conferences and events related to inter alia arbitration and litigation, international business transactions, international law and commercial, investment, project finance and finance law. Mr. Kantor does not maintain records of fellow members, speakers, sponsors, faculty, students, participants, committee members, employees or attendees of such organizations or events, as that is not by itself a “known … relationship which might reasonably affect impartiality or independence in the eyes of any of the parties.” Canon II, Code of Ethics for Arbitrators in Commercial Disputes, American Bar Association and American Arbitration Association (2004). Mr. Kantor requests any party in an arbitration for which he is proposed as an arbitrator to promptly disclose any facts or circumstances leading that party to question his impartiality or independence as soon as that information is reasonably available to the party and, for that purpose, to undertake a reasonable search of publicly available information promptly after learning of Mr. Kantor’s prospective appointment as arbitrator.

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